Christopher Bruce Sabine

Digital Visual Designer in Toronto.

I design stuff for screens

In my 8 years of experience in visual design, I've learned to integrate creative design skills into the more technical code-driven field of digital design; this holistic approach allows me to have full control of the user experience and back-end side of a project, as well as guide the front-end design to make the website or application look beautiful.

I take satisfaction in a job well done. To that end, I'm always looking for exciting projects that afford me the opportunity to learn about new markets and industries. I've worked in retail and ecommerce, but I always get excited about what other industries are out there for me.

Bringing together a design background and a passion for code, I can create user-centric designs that gets results and are functionally perfect.

Screens, large and small — windows to digital content.

The Principles

Four-part interception


I have a diploma in Graphic Design, but what I do is so much more than generate decorations for a page. My work is on-trend and visually stimulating, but the key principles of design are only the foundation of what I do. Rooting everything on design principles allow me to create digital interactive platforms that are clean, smart, functional, and successful. I strive to develop sites and digital media that both my clients and I can be proud of.


For a story to be truly great, it has to be well-structured; pure content can only get you so far. The same goes for digital media: if the code isn't well-written, your end product will be less effective. Creating well-structured code is therefore an absolute priority for me. I work with HTML, CSS/SASS, Javascript/jQuery, PHP, and Rails and I've used content management systems like Word­press, Expression­Engine and Concrete5, among others. I make sure that the back end of any digital space is developed to work efficiently on any size screen, also putting clients in control of the content.

User Experience

You put a lot of time into your products so that your customers are satisfied. I'm committed to the same cause: I design user-centric digital spaces that are intuitive and purpose-driven, marrying visual design and information architecture to facilitate human-computer interaction and create greater accessibility. I put in the time to research your needs and the needs of your clients, resulting in a user experience that is guided by a clear hierarchy of information, making it truly enjoyable for all stakeholders.


When I'm designing and developing digital media, I'm not just thinking of the site or app itself. Instead, I take into account the conversions you're aiming for – followers, leads, information-sharing, revenue – and ensure that your digital space gets you those results. My notable experience in ecommerce and related fields allows me to create a customized experience for your digital platform that will increase revenue, keep customers wanting more, and help you break into new markets. Essentially, I'll design and build you a solid product in which you can be fully confident.

Section Appendix

The design is the layout, the code is the narrative structure, the functionality is the binding, and the result is the finished book that taps into your target market. Let's write this story together: with your content and my development experience, it'll be a best-seller.

The Saga of Bosses

aka, the résumé

In summary, the early stages of my career I've worked for sports photographers, sign printers and full-service print shops. Since completing Fanshawe College Graphic Design in 2009 I've had roles in web design and advertising for ecommerce and retail companies. My freelance experience is pretty varied doing hockey league websites, restaurant blogs and musician or photography feature sites.

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Thank You


I appreciate your interest in my work, and my passion. I am busy during most daylight hours, so I cannot accept every freelance job that comes my way, but feel free to tell me about your project anyway and I'll help out however I can. Reach out to me by e-mail or send me a call or text at 647‑391‑0646, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my work or the narrative of my website :)